Choco XD

I make art and look at memes y'all

The Triple Threat Jewel Set

Order now and we'll throw in a Space Station!

He's Not The Demon He Used To Be

Pertaining to that same rp, some Monte Cristo inspired shit now that I know what to do with my PaTIM AU! I found the musical to fit greatly .v.)

Gay Toons

Based on a RP my friend and I do occasionally, decided to doodle some snippets

Bonus: some angst below

No one likes a peeper, Cup

Hungry Knight Concept

A concept I made for a Hollow Knight AU I guess? I was just thinking about it one day in discord, so enjoy the bit of memes and artwork ^^)

Klefki Keychain

A Klefki Keychain* I made for friends birthday, now I share it with you all. I saw this as a cheaper alternative than paying for the actual one on the website, yikes.

*Needs to be pasted onto a circular keychain disk like what you see above, you can probably make it look better with some sticker paper too.

The design was drawn up by me, Klefki belongs to the Pokemon company

The Ink Trio

Ah the brother and sister in their usual banter, Boris doesn't care -D-)

The Delusional Killer

This was a while ago, when I was into Night of the Woods, I regret forgetting the cat's name ;v;)

Inner Demons

You're born with some, or earn them (sorry for the rotation)

Oh shit! Handrawn demons!

Back when I was still in high school, (two years ago maybe?)

Whitexx was born .v.)

I don't know if you've caught on but most of these posts are from random times, different AU's, and just different themes

...includes some of my own demons .D.) you know how there are tons of them, hehe

It is an essential skill all explorers must have

I didn't think it was this one that won though